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KORE is our line of scientifically advanced, high performance, next-generation cosmeceutical hair and skin care solutions that target and treat everyday hair and skin needs at the cellular level.

KORE products are engineered with innovative biotechnologies and top-class industry standards to deliver solid, visible results.

What is it?

Scientifically formulated with patented biotechnologies for cell regeneration and propagation, KORE’s Bio-Renew Scalp Ampoule is a next-generation, high performance anti-ageing ampoule designed to revitalise the scalp and energise hair follicles from the cellular level.


Harnessing the outstanding biological properties of a revolutionary, nature-derived spider silk protein produced from bacterial fermentation, this potent formula is enriched with a dermatologist approved blend of glutathione, PDRN and peptides that activates growth factors to help promote cell production and recovery in the scalp, fortify the skin barrier and encourage hair growth.

Item description

98% natural ingredients. Hypoallergenic tested. Free from parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, mineral oils, denatured alcohol, fragrance, colourants and chemical preservatives.
Made in Korea.

• Encourages cell production and aids the self-healing capabilities of the scalp.
• Improves moisture level, elasticity and pH balance of the scalp.
• Enhances collagen & HA synthesis by increasing the expression of the collagen regeneration and moisture related genes.
• Enhances profilaggrin for improved moisture protection.
• Fortifies the scalp skin barrier and maintains a resilient scalp environment for optimal hair regeneration.
• Improves drug delivery due to excellent interaction with surrounding compounds and proteins.
• Anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-ageing.

How to use
• Peel off the cap and pour fluid in to the palm of your hand. Apply on clean dry scalp, using the applicator provided if needed. Gently massage until absorbed.
• Use one vial every two weeks. For best results, finish the ampoule once i t is opened.