Shhh X Perfec10 Limited Edition - Hair Turban

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Produced by SHHH, this hair turban is created in collaboration with Asano Nenshi – a prominent yarn spinning expert in Gifu, Japan. “Perfec10” is their latest innovation using their patented “Super Zero” cotton threads that trap plenty of air without unravelling, and was crafted in partnership with Imabari’s prestigious Masaoka Towel, which was founded in 1921.

Crafted with high class, long staple organic cotton that was grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers for at least 3 years, fair trade and hand- picked in India. The long and thin cotton fibres make the hair turban durable and delightfully soft.

SHHH’s core philosophy is hair wellness. We are on a mission to make your hair and scalp look and feel better with functional, clean, biotech enabled formulations. Join us on a journey of hair wellbeing – bring beauty and life back to your tresses!

Item description

Functional Benefits
- Absorbs excess moisture effectively with very little frictional resistance
- Reduces hair drying time as well as stress, damage or breakage to the hair
- Keeps wet hair out of your face while you get on with skincare, makeup, etc

Beauty & Wellness
- Reduces frizz and protects the natural beauty of hair and skin
- Dries hair and keeps the hair cuticle nice and healthy
- Luxurious beauty tool for hair spa at home or when travelling

Superior Quality
- Exceptional absorb- ency and exquisite softness that lasts
- Handpicked fair trade Indian organic cotton that is safe and eco- friendly
- Lasts a long time if used and cared for correctly

How To Use

1. After washing your hair, gently squeeze out excess water with your hands.
2. Bend to let your hair hang down, place hair turban on your head until it covers hair fully.
3. Gather hair inside the hanging part of hair turban while twisting and kneading gently.
4. Bring the twisted towel over the top of your head and secure it by looping the hoop around the button at the back of your head.
5. It is recommended to release your hair from the hair turban within 15 minutes.